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商品總數的上限為 100 件,請調整數量再點擊購買


1. 請於官網(www.bogoto.com.tw) 挑選您想要的博克多品牌商品。

2. 取一張紙條寫上姓名、手機號碼、收件地址、想要的商品(尺寸、規格),與禮券一併寄回: (403)台中市西區忠明南路347號14樓,博克多收。(電話: 04-23015626)

3. 商品價格皆以"原價"計算,如有超出禮券面額,可以將差額現金包妥一併寄回,或備註要以"ATM"轉帳,我們收到禮券後會發送匯款帳號給您。


1. 商品禮券只能用來兌換等值博克多品牌商品(以原價計),官網中分類為"合作品牌"之商品不提供兌換。

2. 使用商品禮券(包含補差額)所兌換之商品不提供退換貨,亦無七天鑑賞期。

3. 使用商品禮券可享有台灣地區(本島及外島)免運費,如需配送到國外,需自行負擔運費及相關手續費。

4. 商品禮券未蓋本公司章、負責人章視為無效,倘若遺失或逾期恕不補發。

5. 商品禮券不得兌換現金,亦不得做償付債務及擔保之用。限一次使用完畢,恕不找零。

6. 商品禮券毀損或塗改視為無效,如有偽造情形將依法追究。

7. 如有未盡事宜,博克多保有調整及最終解釋之權利。


Voucher instructions for Non-resident Alien

1. The voucher is only redeemable for products from BOGOTO brand. COROS APEX watches and products from other brands are not included.
2. Please sign on the voucher and send the picture of the voucher with your order through E-mail back to us before the expiry date.
3. The shipping is all on us as long as the place of delivery is within Taiwan, please be noticed that we will charge you the freight if shipping address is out of Taiwan.


Please follow the steps bellow and send us email to make your order:

Step one: Choose the product you are interested from our official site (www.bogoto.com.tw), screen shot and attach them. Be sure the sizes and colors are shown.

Step two: Sign on the voucher you own, take a picture of it, then attach it in the E-mail. Be sure that both your signature and the code number shows legibly. 

Step three: Leave your contact information: Name, Address and contact number.

Do note that when shopping by voucher, the price will be counted by "tag price" instead of discounted price. So do have a little calculation before sending your order : )


Please contact us through E-mail: taiwanbogoto@gmail.com
Office hours: 9:00-18:00, Monday to Friday.